Service Reviews

"Counselling helps me really get to the root of things and Melina guides me safely through them."

" I  wanted to thank you so much for the work we did together. You helped me with many issues.....transition and loss, stress and anxiety, relationship and decision making. I really valued the way you created such a non judgemental and accepting environment. Also how you endeavoured to understand things from my perspective. You made links and connections in such a way that I knew you had really listened and knew how I was seeing things."

" I felt that we really did things as a partnership. There were little things in the relationship between us that helped me feel more in control and that began to affect things in my life generally. You have a very natural way of working Melina.
 Sometimes I would come to you with no idea about what I was going to talk about or where things would go. But that freedom meant that we ended up  exploring really important areas. Thank you for the respect and kindness with which you treated me."

"I am feeling a lot more confident about my life and direction now. I understand my feelings better and where they come from."

"My wife and I was experiencing some difficulties. We forgot how to effectively communicate and that's where Melina came in.
She helped us put some additional structure into our relationship and we look forward to using "The tools" until they become a good habit and don't need thinking about! Thank you Melina."

"I have never, probably like most people, thought that I would need counselling and have always been fairly sceptical. However, my experience with Melina has completely changed my opinion."

" I am able to let things go, rather than dwelling on them and I am able to reason with my negative thoughts. I am confident that I am able to keep this going and not fall back into the position I was."

"I have never felt that I could be happy again, but now I am thanks to my sessions in counselling."

"I just wanted to thank you Melina, for everything and make you aware of the huge impact counselling has made on me and my ability to now get on with my life."

"Coming here is the best thing I've ever done, It is the best money I've ever spent. It has helped me so much, having someone to talk things through with and know what they are doing."

"The Coaching has helped me to see things clearly, gain confidence and I am now pursuing a career that I have always wanted to."

"Counselling has made a considerable difference to my life and I do not feel depressed anymore. I want to say thank you Melina."

"One of the reasons that I really like coming to see Melina, is that she gives me plenty of reflection time in between sessions and re caps on the previous session, which shows the amount of progress that I have made."