Safe Supportive &  Impartial  Relationship Therapy

"We are more aware of each others presence, wanting to be around each other again. Feeling more positive and optimistic about the future. We will continue to make changes and continue to use the tools we have learnt."

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Maintaining happy, supportive and loving relationships has become increasingly difficult amidst the backdrop of today's busy demands and expectations.

Sometimes there can be stresses and strains put upon relationships that need resolving.That may be financial matters, career, children or family responsibilities. Quite often there can be a breakdown in trust, commitment or intimacy, which can lead to feelings of guilt, blame, anger, resentment or sadness. Or sometimes past presents itself as a problem in the relationship and acts as a hindrance to any future prospects.

As couples progress, we do not necessarily grow and develop together. We do not always understand or communicate clearly and perhaps we do not always express ourselves well.

  • If you are experiencing problems individually or as a couple and this is affecting your relationship.
  • If you feel that you have reached an untenable position within your relationship.
  • If you don't know how to help yourselves or where to go.
  • If you are separating and need  mediation.

                                                                                    .......then relationship therapy can help you.

Relationship Therapy can provide a confidential and neutral environment, in which it is safe to explore these issues and find a way forward in the relationship, together or apart. 

                            How does it work?

I will meet with you as a couple to explore and work together on your difficulties as a couple. It may be that we also need to work on some of the issues individually, when mutually agreed and appropriate. My role as a couples therapist is to be impartial to each of you. 

My approach to therapy, is Integrated, based on various counselling and coaching methods that I am trained and experienced in. These include; Person Centred Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Mindfulness. Built on the core concepts of therapy, couples can expect;

  • to be listened to
  • to be heard and acknowledged
  • to be valued
  • not to be judged

I also apply mediation skills to support and encourage open communication and coaching methods to work through obstacles, gain strengths and achieve realistic goals.

Example of session contents;

  • Interpretation and perception of the problems.
  • Understanding and reducing emotional distress.
  • Changing behaviours to improve the relationship.
  • Recognising stress and how to manage it.
  • After betrayal and trust restoration.
  • Understanding each others communication styles and differences.
  • Identifying conflict and resolution.
  • Setting and achieving realistic goals.
  • Maintaining and evaluating progress.
  • Re building closeness and intimacy.


If you would like for information on couple counselling and mediation, please give me a call today.

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