....... Online Therapy to meet your needs

Clients are increasingly using online technology to consult therapists. Online Sykpotherapy, (as it is being termed), is probably the closest delivery to traditional therapy. Offering the visual element of face to face with the internet flexibility.

As a Therapist, Skypotherapy allows me to open up my Practice and far reach clients across the globe or who otherwise would not have the opportunity to access my Practice. By going online, Skypotherapy takes away those geography restrictions and enables me to see clients not just in my locality, but all over the world. 

Skypotherapy is a convenient and alternative to face-to-face sessions, with all the benefits of traditional therapy. I find that clients often feel more relaxed and comfortable in their own environment and more in control of the therapeutic process.The benefits of Skypotherapy are considerable;

Trading in the therapist's couch for your own is now possible by accessing therapy by Skype.

Here, I consider to be some of the benefits to Skypotherapy;

  • increased flexibility for you. 
  • no travel time.
  • no geography restrictions. 
  • find a therapist to suit your individual need.
  • the convenience to access therapy from the safety and comfort of your own home.
  •  for clients who travel a lot or are away on business.
  •  for clients who have busy lifestyles, ill health or are housebound.
  • for clients who have difficulties with childcare arrangements.
  •  for therapists living abroad looking for an experienced BACP Accredited Supervisor.

All of my therapeutic services are available by Skype. Please contact me for enquiries.